Cold Fish by Paula Thomas

Not Too Far From Here by Jackie Joice

Fulani Girl by Kenneth Chiazor

Concealer by Jordan Trethewey

Phan Thi Kim Phuc by Zheyla Henriksen

Where to Run by Eleni Zisimatos Auerbach

The Victims by Lini R.Grol

Flinch by Kenneth Chiedozie Ubani

Abacus by Gail Taylor

Sentence by Kathy Mac

The Night She Left by Betty Dobson

The Man I Used to Call My Lover by Angi Garofolo

Laugh in the Face of the Devil by Susan McMaster

Requiem: Quatre Scènes et un Épilogue by Linda M. Rodríguez Guglielmoni

Silent Perseverance by Marcela Hidalgo

Inquisitor by Roger Moore

Francisca, Homeless by Nela Rio

Hear My Cry by Denise DeMoura

Frida Kahlo by Patrick L. O’Connell

Hermanas de Juarez by Phil Goldvarg

On the Park Bench by Gregory M. Cook

Mercy Voucher by Mary Angela Nangini

Male Metamorphosis by Kaye Voigt Abikhaled

Sometimes They Bleed by Anna Mioduchowska

Rape by Ivor E. Hogg

the wall by Christina Mills

The Abortion of Hope by Tais Lintz

Incest by Vernyce Dannells

Words Against by Joe Blades

Food for Thought: Growing up Southern by Eunice Doman Myers

dancer by Hugh Hazelton

Honour Killings by Sylvia D. Hamilton

Nela Rio, organizadora y coordinadora de OUTSPOKEN ART/ARTE CLARO, quisiera aclarar que aunque la exhibición sea en su mayor parte bilingüe, la traduccción de los textos del inglés al español no se ha podido hacer por razones de presupuesto y de tiempo. Esperamos que para futuras exposiciones se puedan superar estas restricciones.

Nela Rio, the organizer and coordinator of OUTSPOKEN ART/ARTE CLARO, would like to clarify that although the exhibition is mostly bilingual, translation of the text from English to Spanish could not be done for budgetary and time restrictions. It is expected that for future exhibitions these restrictions may be overcome.