Laugh in the Face of the Devil

Laugh in the face of the devil!
Laugh in the face of death!
Those who crouch and tremble
succumb to loss and theft
of all they hold most closely,
all they hold most near.

Sing in the mouth of the monster!
Dance in the arms of fear!
Nothing can break this fever
but love, to rage and sear
through ice to icy courage,
through panic to panic strength.

In the darkness, a space,
a quiet space
that globes a quiet flame.
In the roaring storm,
a word
under the roar of pain.

All I can give
is all I have.
Child, all I have
is yours.
In the hands of the air,
in the rock of the earth,
in the whisper and ease of night –

In thy hands, O Lord,
I beg thee –

Carry my child to light.

Susan McMaster

(from Uncommon Prayer, Quarry 2002)

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