Mercy Voucher be honed psychologically
is to be spliced emotionally; carved physically
to fit into the splintered perspective of the narrow

My taste buds have disappeared
I work a faded canvas
Whitewashed with my tears
I streak my existence thin
Until I fade away forgotten
Exiled to the land of the unseen
Walker on earth but not heard
I relinquish my own making
Voiceless in the taking.

I was mercy voucher!
hunted down
leverage reigns knocked out
i was open target
and many were called to the table
for they wore no gowns of white
broken trust!

bitterly torn apart
helpless against such mighty forces
cornered by my maulers
for their feasting
all recognizable
to feast on the shredding of my life
spirit crushed!

I was sent reeling - sliding into the funnel eye
from the pulling round of the vortex
slipping ever deeper into the need-thought of control
into the darkness of chaos - churning mindless
senses groundless - confusion boundless.

To regain my own dignity - i surpass the abuse - i redefine myself
my pain: a river carved into the long furrows of my life
gouging clefts into the iceberg of my heart
frozen glaciations of my emotions dropping into the cavity burn canyon
unfathomable heat of God - merging.

Mary Angela Nangini

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