Bruised purple bags beneath them lay,
her eyes were focussed far away.
Her misery was here to stay
proud lady weeping bitterly.

Out walking, sensing no danger
she was ravaged by a stranger.
The shock destroyed her confidence
she could not fight in self defence.

During this brutal act of rape
from which her body could not escape.
Her mind detached was roaming free,
she saw herself weeping bitterly.

The damage that this man created
must never be underrated.
With loving care she will be healed,
though mental scars will be concealed.

Her instinct, to retreat inside
some quiet place where she can hide.
This secret that is hard to bear
the nagging doubts and formless fear.

Her anguished pain can not be shared,
to bare her soul she's not prepared.
She would rather suffer silently
than expose her shame for all to see.

But those of us who love her know
the misery she will undergo.
Before she can regain her pride
although she's still the same inside.

To satisfy some bastard's lust,
this gentle woman lost her trust
and now sees all men equally
capable of brutality.

Ivor E. Hogg
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