Words Against

because pins still the wings
because fingers and arms cannot be trusted
because of every inhuman thing done by humans
because the wind and snow have no opinion
because words are not money
because the algonquin have no word for time
because one minute you’re fine and the next you’re upside down in a ditch, hanging by your seatbelt
because you can’t get away from yourself
because a new poem is an act of creation
because people disagree
because the fist is not the brain
because we are not opposite sexes
because afterwards is usually too late
because i have a weepy eyebecause we’ve never been quite here before
because the galaxy and the universe are expanding within whatever is greater
because a smile can brighten our day
because uranium has a longer half-life than humans
because everyone has their own personal anus
because i look out my window
because of tommy hilfiger, coca-cola and hollywood
because I’m not afraid to cry
because one fired-up bush long ago should be enough for any christian
because guns and bombs scare me
because maple syrup, fiddleheads and lobster are such good food
because i give too much of my life to computers
because single shouldn’t be called a social aberration
because the second oldest profession shouldn’t exist
because toques and hand-knit wool socks are warm
because we are closer to death with every second we live
because we can change ourselves
because we are all insignificant

Joe Blades

8 2003

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