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March 17

March 18

March 19

March 20

March 21

The Outspoken Art/Arte Claro Organizer and Co-ordinator, Nela Rio, would like to express her appreciation for the contributions made to these projects by Ms. Sarah Jeffrey, Research Assistant, Public Relations Coordinator; Ms Shannon Stymiest, Internal Coordinator of the International Week; Sarah Petite, Curator of Outspoken Art/Arte Claro, Mary Margison, Web Designer for Outspoken Art/Arte Claro; Alan Mason; Lise Bellefleur; Ms. Emily Bosse; Ms. Jocelyne LeGresley; Ferne Stewart; Fred Wallace; Ken Gordon; Michael Harnish; her colleagues at St.Thomas; everyone that helped in any way with the exhibition; and all the students that are participating in these events.


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Event Details

March 19 to March 22
Showtime 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 22
at 2:00 p.m.

Black Box Theatre
St. Thomas University

The Play BIG LOVE, by Charles Mee.
Director Cordula Quint. Producer Ilkay Silk.
Charles Mee’s hilarious and satirical battle
between the sexes finds 50 unwilling brides
fleeing their pre-arranged marriages to 50
cousins. The sisters find sanctuary in a
sunny Italian villa, but a safe haven is hard to
come by with the grooms in hot pursuit. With
no one to protect them, the women decide
to defend themselves and their newly found
freedom by any means necessary, and the
nuptials end in carnage. Mayhem and flying
wedding cake. A hit at the 2000 Humana
Festival of New Plays, Charles Mee’s
audacious update of Aeschylus’ The
Suppliant Maidens is a riotous, wild romp
about gender, male bonding, violence,
feminism and refugeeism.
Tickets available at the door.
$8.00 adults and $5.00 students/seniors.

March 19
10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Edmund Casey Building 112
St. Thomas University

Students from the Spanish Section will
celebrate Hispanic Day with theatre,
poetry reading, dances, music, poster
exhibitions, etc., and Spanish food.
Organizer: Prof. Irma Saínz.
Coordinator: Prof. Haydee Saínz.

March 19
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Edmund Casey Building 201
St. Thomas University

In celebration of "La semaine provinciale
de la fierté française". Organized by the
French Section, Romance Languages
Department. A Poetry Reading by Sarah
Marylou Brideau
from her new collection
"Romanichelle"; Student performances
(Fr 1556, sections A, B, C and Fr 3533).
French music and French Food.