Rose Konda-Chute

Missoula, Montana, USA


Rose Konda, born in Butte, Montana now resides on the outskirts of Missoula, Montana with her husband Mark and their animal companions in the solace of the natural world. Rose has been drawn to that world her entire life. The underlying nuances of nature always speaking to her of innate connection.

Artist's Statement

Nature - a system of harmony, balance, beauty. When natural systems of harmony are destroyed, whether by pollution, mining, logging, development or war, ironically, the attacks on women and children escalate with both frequency and brutality. An ancient grove of cedar trees is cut down; at the same time a woman is raped and murdered. A mother whale and her calf are discovered suffocating on a beach; at the same time, a child is locked hungry in an unlit, cold closet, bruised and terrified.

Born and raised in an area with one of the largest open pit mines in the world exposed the artist first-hand to this correlation. When the spirit of a place has been left with no refuge, the land dies--as well as the people who live there. We must remember our innate connection with the natural world before there is nothing left of either of us.

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