Aleksandra Nina Knezevic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1992 graduated at the Applied Arts Highschool in Sarajevo. 1997 B.A. in Arts, Arts Academy in Cetinje (Montenegro), Graphic Design department. 1997-2002 I started to work at B Concept, repro and design studio in Sarajevo and I still work there as an art director and graphic designer.

Skills: Mac and PC Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Fontographer...

Member of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) and

ULUPUBIH (The Association of applied artists and designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Exhibition: Ex likbris -Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1996; Exhibition of student drawing-Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1996; The young Montenegro art- Podgorica, Monteenegro 1997; Annual exhibition of ULUPUBIH; How Europe 2020? - International exhibition- Zagreb, Croatia 2002; Pixxelpoint -International art festival of digital art- Maribor, Slovenija 2002; Spiritus Mundi, (Spirit of the World) is a pack of cards designed to provide a response to the global situation in the year following September 11th. It is a world in which there is a danger that we will see an increasing amount of conflict between different cultures and interests, and an increasing tendency to use force rather than compromise and co-operation.) Prag, Czech Republic 2002; Korea- International bienial of posters, 2002; Split 2002 -International art bienial

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