Roger Hollander

General Villamil PLAYAS, ECUADOR


Basically self-taught, apart from participating in print workshops at the Municipal Museum, the Palo Santo Gallery and the Museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador, all in Guayaquil. Finalist and one of five representatives of Ecuador for the Windsor & Newton World-wide Millenneum Contest, London, England, Brussels, Stockholm and New York, 2000. Cover and illustrations for “Aguaje,” poetry of Carmen Vascones, 1999. Selected for inclusion in the international print contest catalogue, “La Huella del Grabado,” Quito, 2001. Collective exhibitions: Guayaquil (1996, 1998). Individual exhibitions: Guayaquil (1999), Cuenca (2000, 2001), Quito (2000), Toronto (1998, 1999).

Artist Statement concerning the theme of the present exhibition.

“Violence is the scourge of humankind, it has had horrific manifestations in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and we are at present on the brink of another conflagration in the Middle East. I see violence against women not simply as a sub-set of violence in general, but rather as integrated into an overall anti-humanistic culture that is endemic world-wide and is characterized by racism, sexism, classism, imperialism, homophobia, etc. My submission consists of a collage of three paintings (“Mujer Vigilada/Woman Under Glass,” Glorificacion de la Matanza/Glorified Massacre,” and “Liberacion/Freedom”). “Mujer Vigilada” is intended to demonstrate the patriarchal voyeurism that pervades our society; “Glorification de la Matanza” to demonstrate the mindless bloodthirstyism and militarism of virtually every nation on earth; and “Liberacion” to balance the negative with a “negation of the negation,” a representation of woman (symbol of her self as well of as all humankind) unbound and free to experience the dance of her humanity.

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