Lorena Ernestine Kloosterboer

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
(The Netherlands)

Born August 1962 in the Netherlands, from the marriage between a Dutch father and an Argentine mother, Lorena started to draw and paint at a very early age. She developed her artistic talents while living among diverse cultures, as well as enjoying classical studies in the arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She grew up in The Netherlands, but also lived in Argentina, Belgium and the United States of America.

Lorena has had numerous international group and solo exhibitions, as well as several statues placed in public. Her art work can be found in important private collections. Lorena defines her style as "Symbolic Realism." Great value is given to Realism and Beauty, which together form the Truth: Concepts that are central to Lorena's personal beliefs. Lorena's basic art themes are often inspired by flora and fauna, as well as the human body, while carefully chosen symbolism offers a channel for her to express personal thoughts, philosophies and values.

Lorena is actively involved in the Women's Rights Movement, as well as in several ecological, conservational, and social organizations. For the last three years, the artist has been living in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her life companion and their beloved pets.

Artist Statement

The cat has always been analogous with the woman. Because of her changing eyes the feline symbolizes the power of the sun, as well as the moon cycle. She reflects the night, freedom, and our desires. This work of art represents women who protect, support, and stand up for each other.

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