Sue Lawrence

Fredericton, NB Canada

Sue Lawrence has been a hair artist for the past 21 years and an entrepreneur for 19 years. As the owner and operator of Sue Lawrence Hair, Spa & Gallery she has managed to create an environment that inspires the feel of a working artist’s studio; as she and her talented staff are creating a look, a feel for their clients. The salon and spa is encompassed in her art gallery, the fixtures complete the feel of an art gallery, as they are also artist made. By using the salon and spa as an art gallery, Sue is able to introduce art to a varied clientele from all walks of life, allowing newcomers to be exposed to the bold statements of the artists.

A winner of the prestigious Canadian Hair Colourist award, Sue is also an international platform artist, an interior artist and painter.

Each of these activities allows Sue to express herself creatively and inspire those around her that anything is possible. Sue’s creative hair styling has been featured in numerous trade and commercial publications. Sue is continually expanding her knowledge both professionally and creatively in order to fully experience the world around her.


“Stripping Layers” (Acrylic – 1991)

The style of painting is highly emotional and bold, thus capturing the energy of the model. The painting “Stripping Layers” was created as a statement of society’s judgement of individuals that look different; be it because of a style, skin colour or a belief. It is how an abuser can make a woman feel, one who has felt the strike of a man’s hand and survived it. The painting’s haunting features allow the viewer a glimpse of the internal world of an abuse victim.

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