For Those Who Weep -- While We Sleep

Ardeth Maquire

Fredericton, NB Canada

A painter for eight years, Ardeth Maguire works with watercolour and acrylic in an impressionistic style.

Ardeth has participated in many courses and workshops, most notably with the late Robert Percival, a renowned Saint John artist. She joined the Fredericton Society of Artists in 1996 and, in the Society's 1997 spring show, was the winner of the first People's Choice designation for her watercolour With Grandfather.

Artist's Statement:

Because of the impending war in Iraq and the ongoing violence in many places in the world, conscience demands of all of us to protest in words and pictures as vehemently as we can. I have tried to show in this painting two faces: one of nurturing and love, and the other the blackness and destructiveness of war. The small figure in the foreground shows despair and helplessness in the face of persecution. There is never, ever a justification for violence and we must all awake to the terrible suffering that is rampant in the world.

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