Elizabeth Joy Mathias

NB Canada

Elizabeth Joy Mathias is a multi-media artist and specializes in the theraputic and educational inclusion of the arts as invaluable coping and intervential tools. She has designed many innovative and evocative programs throughout the U.S., often in conjunction with such major museums and M.O.C.A., L.A.C.M.A., Skirball and the Getty. She works in coalition with several cultural affairs and inner-city organizations and public arts commissions.

Her artforms have a poignant political edge to them, ranging from the search for her inner self to the struggle for ethnic and racial harmony. Her work utilizes a wide variety of media, including the classic sculptural materials of ceramic, stone, metal and wood.

She intertwines found objects in many of her pieces, with a conscious attempt to shed new light and value on those things that had been cast away and discarded as damaged goods. Additionally, Ms. Mathias has included digital art and photo-montage to her visual vocabulary. In the piece above,the shadow of the porcelain carcass is a prominent element of the graphic representation of the sculptural form.

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