Sarah Petite

Fredericton, NB Canada


Sarah Petite, born in Pennsylvania (USA), has been a Canadian citizen since 1971, and now lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Trained at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she went from painting in oils to encaustic in 1989, and since then has been exploring this fascinating medium in a wide variety of approaches. She has shown around New Brunswick, and is represented in several private and corporate collections.

Artist's Statement

My image is of Semele, from Greek myth one of several mortal women who succumbed to Zeus' appetites, bore semi-mortal sons, and suffered from the wrath of Hera. Semele's son was Dionysos, god of wine - her punishment, a bolt of lightning. She and her mythic sisters - Eo, Europa, Danae - symbolize woman's primitive place as vessels of the violence of others.

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